Heatpump servicing
Added advantages
Expert technicians will test all the electrical and sealed system of the heatpump using a comprehensive checklist. These results are compared to the datasheet of your heatpump. Any discrepancies are conveyed to you immediately.
Our service does not stop there. Our technician will also service the indoor and outdoor units so that they are free of debris and rodents!
Air cleaning filters are replaced or cleaned depending on age of unit.
Dirty air filters are cleaned and scented for fresh smelling air clear of allergins and dust. 
We use Vacuum pump to clean pipes from moisture, air and other contaminants before pumping the gas. 
This is our standard practice which garauntees no leaks and best performance for years to come. 
All our installations are certified using an electronic certification system with Suppliers Decleration of Conformity (SDoC) and Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC) and Certificate Of Compliance (COC).
Our bookings and invoicing are all done electronically so you have electronic copies of all documenations if warranty work is required.
Our follow up team will automatically call you when your next heatpump service is due so that your heatpump will have an extended life and perform efficiently.