We've put a lot into our range of services

It couldn't be more comprehensive. A great range of services that are incredibly versitile. Whether it is commercial or residential, our range of electrical and heatpump services can assist you in any situation.



Whether you need heat or cool in your office or home, we at Baps Electrical Ltd. have it all covered. Please click on the icon to learn more.  Heatpump
House rewire to commercial fit outs to major appliance repair, we at Baps Electrical Ltd. have comprehensive services that cover all these types of electrical jobs.

Four key points service

Our cornerstones for our success

  1. Control
    Our service is designed so that you are in control which means no middleman. You tell us what you want done. We will supply you with options to bring your ideas to life.
  2. Installation
    Our installation process is designed for ease and efficiency with all stock available on site which means less time onsite. And there's always available stock readily available for any variations. Our practice is clean, true and on budget. No Cowboys here. We make sure the job is done and done right to a high standard.
  3. Efficiency
    The complete installation process is recorded on our state of the art software right from quotation, scheduling to invoicing, this adds to efficiency to keep overhead costs low and under control. The ideal solution from initial contact to final hand off. These can be supplied on request.
  4. Versatility
    Cleverly designed services can be used to suit any electrical or heatpump requirement from residential to light commercial. Ranging from appliance repair to full house wiring, from heatpump service to central air conditioning installation, from DATA to TV and telephone, our services are incredibly versitile. Every service is designed to local conditions and can operate round the clock in emergencies.



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Job Dosier

Please browse this gallery and see all jobs we have completed. Some of them were really tricky and were not persued by other companies. We strive to be above customers expectations. We have recently started cataloguing our jobs and will add more as we go.

  1. Daikin Multi-split heatpump system
    Daikin Multi-split heatpump system
    Pipes were bent around sofit to get access to upstairs indoor unit
  2. Daikin Multi-Split heatpump
    Daikin Multi-Split heatpump
    Daikin Multi-Split heatpump outdoor unit feeding two indoor units on different levels
  3. Multi-split heatpump system
    Daikin Multi-Split heatpump System
    Installation on large 6kW unit above window and small 2.5kW in bedroom downstairs fed of a single outdoor unit on the ground floor