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Our expert electricains will deinstall old switchboard and upgrade to new switchboard using Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) and Residual Current Devices (RCD). Peace of mind for years to come with our 5 year workmanship gaurantee and a 25 year parts warranty from the manufacturer.
Is that hideous looking fuse box on your mind?
Are you planning to install new applinaces?
Are your fuses blowing regularly?
Then its time for an upgrade. Just like how you upgrade your car, Cell phone, your home electrical system requires maintenance to function to specifications.
Check if you have a fuse box


Electrical wiring check + Double protection against electric shocks + Use of RCD for all lighting and socket outlets upto 20Amps + Maximum 2 power and 1 lighting per RCD + Minimum of 2 lighting circuits per installation + Neatly labelled circuits for easy identification + Easily resettable circuit breakers in case of overload + Electrical Certificate of Compliance (CoC) and Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC) provided for new switchboard + Wiring diagram of the home for quick fault diagnosis+

Case Study

Here we investigate a common customer complaint of some lights flikering. Note this is proprietary information collected on job. DANGER electricity is dangerous and could cause servere injury or even death. Always use a registered electrician for electrical work.
Let's name the customer Buddy. Buddy bought a couple of new plug in heaters on special and installed them in each of his 3 bedrooms. Great so far.
That night Buddy's family used the heaters and a fuse on the switchboard blew. Buddy replaced the wire on the fuse and plugged it back. The fuse blew again immediately. Buddy replaced the wire with a larger one and plugged it back and rejoiced in the fact that he solved the fault and the heaters were running. Big Mistake. 
A few nights later the heaters stopped working again. This time Buddy went to the fuse box and noticed that the fuses were good and there was a burning smell coming from the fuse box. Buddy went onto our contacts page and we were there the sameday.
On inspection of the fuse box we noticed that the cable insulation had melted and the asbestos in his old fuse box was insulating the smoke and heat. We took pictures and showed Buddy informing him that we would now need to replace the cable behind the fuse box to the powerpoints in the wall and advised that the switchboard will need to be upgraded for this same thing not to happen in the future.
Buddy asked us to rewire and upgrade the fuse box. Buddy was lucky and reacted in time on this occasion. The cable fault could have been much worse and bought about disaster.
Let's call this customer Betty. Betty has a rental property which was occupied by a small family. Her property had batten holders which had surface mounted light fittings installed.
Some time ago, one of those batten holder lamps blew 
Work in progress
Work in progress